Bank Scam Class Action Investigation

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Bank Scam Class Action Investigation

Bank Scam Class Action

The Australian Banking Association website states that “Scams are growing ever more complex and sophisticated. There were 256,842 scams worth $596 million reported to ACCC’s scam watch in the 12 months to February 2023 – an average of 21,404 scams a month, worth $49.6 million each month.”   Whilst there have been recent developments to improve cooperation between Banks, Telco’s and Government to prevent scams, it is unfortunately too little too late.  

FD Legal is investigating potential class actions against Australian Banks for failing to notify clients of that they were potentially being scammed. The class action is focused on obtaining redress for Australians who have been scammed in circumstances that:

• The transaction was unusual for their bank accounts;

• The transaction involved an online bitcoin exchange or digital wallet account such as Binance;

• The Bank did not contact the client to discuss the unusual transaction(s);

• The customer has lost funds which could have been prevented had notification been provided of a potential scam.

FD Legal encourages people who have been scammed to register interest with FD Legal at the following address to provide details about their scam to assist with our investigations to commence the class actions against Australian Banks.

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Recent Cases

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Successfully recovered compensation for a client against their former financial advisor who recommended high risk unlisted investments.
Recovered compensation for a client who was recommended to invest into multiple properties by their financial advisor. The claim alleged that the advice to invest into property lacked diversification and resulted in the client recovering compensation.
Assisted a client to achieve an out of court settlement against a financial advisor who failed to provide advice to a client to take out TPD insurance.
FD Legal successfully represented and recovered compensation in a claim against a financial planner who failed to ensure TPD insurance was retained in superannuation fund.
Represented multiple clients through a complaint process with a financial firm who complained that their financial advisor misrepresented the risks involved in investing in shares for an overseas company.
Won significant compensation for client who lost money in SMSF due to negligent financial advice.

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