Shaw and Partners

Shaw and Partners Complaints

Shaw and Partners

Shaw and Partners Complaints

FD Legal are currently investigating claims on behalf of current and former clients of Shaw and Partners in respect of investments recommended by Shaw and Partner representatives including:

• Steppes Alternatives PLC, Steppes Private Equity Partners

• Trinus Impact Capital Limited

• Golden Globe Resources

• Greentech Minerals

The claims involve recommendations to purchase investments without providing adequate disclosure of risks or disclosure of commissions. The claims seek to recover compensation from Shaw and Partners for the advice provided by Shaw and Partner representatives.

FD Legal has previously reported on an ASIC banning order against former Shaw and Partner representative Kristofer Ridgway and a number of AFCA determinations againstShaw and Partner’s concerning:

• Shaw andPartners’ being required to compensate a client $162,139.35 for failing to close all option positions as instructed by the client: AFCA Case number:758807

• Shaw andPartners’ being required to compensate a client $11,035.43 for recommending a strategy involving derivatives trading which involved excessive risk: AFCA Case number: 662795

• Shaw and Partners’ being required to compensate a client $5,000 for recommending shares which did not meet the client’s investment criteria: AFCA Case number: 664616

• Shaw and Partners’ being required to compensate a client $10,262.78 for misleading advice provided that a managed fund was low risk when in fact it was a high risk strategy.

We are encouraging clients of Shaw and Partners who are concerned with the advice they have received to contact FD Legal to discuss your options to seek redress.

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